Brangea’s talented team and expertise can transform your products or services into long-term brands in the market place. Our main goal is to sell more products through the services we provide. Brangea’s services include:









Brangea treats our brands as if they were our own. We spend a substantial amount of time in the retail environment in order to gather consumer insights on what they see, touch, examine, select and ultimately purchase during their shopping trips. Every consumers shopping experience is unique and personal. We believe that the more insight we can derive from their shopping experience, the more we can connect with them and influence purchase behavior. Our Brand Representation programs are customized for your specific brand and easy to implement to gain market share.

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Within Brangea, we have built strategic partnerships that move the brands we represent forward in the market place. As expert negotiators, we maximize our client’s interest both ethically and morally.

We offer branding segmentation and target marketing for your brand and products not just in-store but within the local and/or regional communities you want to target, as well as, your online exposure and presence.

Our other Brand Representation services include:

  • Digital
  • Social Media
  • Customer Events
  • Product Demonstrations


Brangea’s team is comprised of marketing, communications, creative and technical specialists providing marketing solutions that will influence consumers to purchase our represented brands.


Brangea is dedicated to find the appropriate Business Solutions that meet your company’s needs in the retail market place.

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Brangea’s Business Solutions include:

  • Manage Headquarter Relationship at the Highest Level
  • Execute Business Plans to Achieve Maximum Brand Results
  • Develop Trade-Spend Plans to Boost Sales Volume
  • Business Modeling
  • Leverage Broad Client Portfolio
  • Vendor and Item Creation
  • Market Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Trend Analysis
  • Integrated Marketing & Advertising Support
  • Public Relations
  • Logo Design and Branding Services
  • Website Development



Brangea believes brands cannot survive if they do not have sales and inventory-forecasting information at their fingertips at all times.  Brangea provides our clients with many types of forecasting solutions in order to increase your brand’s sales and growth in the retail market place.  Our forecasting solutions provide you with strategic value to increase your brand’s visibility into the supply chain management process that will directly drive your weekly, quarterly, and yearly growth.

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Brangea’s Forecasting Solutions include:

  • Weekly tracking of your daily POS data — provide you with variance reports to alert us on your supply chain levels within the stores and warehouses where your products are shipped
  •  52 Week Forward Forecasting — using historical data to provide you with the information you need to make large scale forecasting decisions manageable
  • Demand Planning Forecasting — provide you with strategic value to increase visibility into the supply chain management process and drive sales growth for your brands or services
  • Variance Reports and Alerts — provide you with insights and analysis of the overall health of your business to help you make better day-to-day, weekly, monthly and quarterly decisions
  • Promotion, Customer and Category Analysis and Reviews — provide you with insights and analysis of how your brand or service is performing during sales and consumer marketing events and/or special in-store promotions.  Category reviews serve as an appraisal of category performance for your brands and provide the framework for Brangea to help you set goals, expectations and create strategic plans for future growth within the category


Brangea helps their clients and their retailers communicate and execute in-store initiatives that benefit both parties.  Our merchandising solutions are successful because they are fast, effective and efficient in order to drive your business, grow your brand and increase your sales.

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Brangea’s Merchandising Solutions include:

  • Field Merchandising coverage in 48 States
  • Increase Sales with our Field Sales Focus
    • Gain Incremental Facings
    • Sell Secondary Locations
    • Execute Seasonal Promotions and Features
    • Ensure Retail Tag Placement and POP Signage is Displayed Properly
    • Provide Store and Club Level Intelligence
  • Proprietary Merchandising Solutions to Facilitate Direct Communication from your company to the Field Sales Force
    • Wi-Fi Field Application with Customizable Reporting and Web-based Administrative Portals
  • Trained and Certified Field Sales Force for your company’s specific Sales Programs and Initiatives


Brangea’s category and space management team members are focused on growing and strengthening your brand or service within the ever-changing marketplace.

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Brangea’s Category Management Solutions include:

  • Category Reporting
    • Buyer Scorecards
    • New Item Tracker
    • Modular Reporting
    • Store and Item Clustering
    • Store Trait Analysis
  • Integrated Space Planning Data
    • Import and Export Historical Information for Year-over-Year Comparisons
    • Space to Sales by Item
  • Syndicated Data Analysis
    • Consumer Insights
    • Category Reviews
    • Promotion Analysis


Brangea is committed to energizing your brand’s sales and marketing activity in order to generate sustainable sales and profitable growth for your business.  Our approach to sales and marketing solutions is unique.  We deliver end-to-end creative sales and marketing solutions that bring together a virtuous growth cycle that includes Customer Research, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Sales and Marketing Systems that all lead to Creative Implementation Solutions.

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Brangea’s Sales & Marketing Solutions include:

  • Daily Data Analysis during Sales Events, Holiday Promotions, New Item Launches and Sales Opportunities
  • Sales and Marketing Customized Reporting
    • Executive Summaries
    • Topline Sales
    • Item Trends
    • Modular Performance
    • Zero Sales
    • Sales by Category, Store, Warehouse and Region
  • Supply Chain Analysis
    • Replenishment Analysis
    • Phantom Inventory Issues
    • Potential to Sell Probable Causes of Low Performance Issues


Brangea’s Additional Services include:

  • Claims Resolution Services – Brangea has expanded its services to include experienced experts in resolving invoices that were denied payments by your retailers. We wish to ensure that your company recovers every dollar they are due.  This service, along with additional services, is provided when you are a Brangea client and does incur additional administrative fees discussed during our contract agreement.
  • National Logistics Support – Brangea has developed relationships with national logistics and delivery support service companies, providing you options in selecting the right company and warehouse to manage and deliver your products in compliance with your purchase orders and delivery schedules.