If your strategy is to grow your business regionally or nationally, Brangea can help you highlight the geographical areas you want to reach through an appropriate channel and identify the network of distributors and/or retailers that provide the coverage you want for your products or services.


Here is a list of Brangea’s Distribution Channels that get your products or services to the market:

Club Stores: 
Club format stores can be very challenging for any brand trying to get their products into Club Stores. Once your product is on the sales floor, the hurdle to overcome is meeting the minimum weekly sales goals set by the Club Stores, while at the same time, maintaining on-time product distribution through timely deliveries. Brangea has the expertise to get your products introduced to Club Stores and the dedicated team to help you manage your weekly sales projections, deliveries and opportunities to accelerate brand growth.

Drug Stores:
The trend in health care today is consumers are empowered to play a decision-making role in their healthcare coverage and medical treatments. Many consumers are mixing conventional medicine and medical treatments with homeopathic and holistic medicine, supplements and alternative services. Due to this change in health care trends, Brangea understands how to effectively create sales and marketing strategies that translate from the shelf placement, to product pricing, to product promotion, and finally to the register. Ultimately, we hope to achieve exceptional results for your products by gaining loyal, happy customers.

Grocery Stores:
Grocery Stores are being hit by the ever-growing competition in the marketplace. Grocery Stores now compete with Club Stores, Drug Stores, Mass Merchandisers, the online e-Commerce Marketplace and more. Due to this new competition, the Grocery Store Channel is changing and expanding in new areas to innovate this particular channel. Some of those expansion areas include ready-to-eat produce, healthy snacks and complete meal solutions, as well as, showcasing products that are organic, local, sustainable and healthier.

Brangea helps brands and Grocery Store Retailers turn casual shoppers to loyal, dedicated consumers through innovative promotional activity and marketing solutions.

Brangea can provide you with sales and marketing expertise in these areas of the Grocery Store Channel: Center Store, Fresh Foods, Front End/Check Out, Frozen Foods, General Merchandise (GM), Health and Beauty Care (HBC), Natural and Specialty and Perishables.

Mass Merchandisers:
Mass Merchandisers and Supercenters have been nationally increasing stores to the marketplace to use their one-stop, high volume and low prices shopping experience to defeat regional grocery store chains in their local respective markets.  Although their growth in the marketplace is positive, it does not guarantee that their high volume/low price marketing strategy is good for brands in this channel.

This is where Brangea can help protect your brand. By successfully defining your brand image and tailoring in-store promotions by consumer demographics and/or store locations, that ultimately leads to market share growth.  Brangea has successfully helped brands tailor their promotional marketing plans to focus on the quality and trendiness of the brand and ultimately justify the retail price.

Today’s brands must offer the consumer a seamless bridge between their online and offline shopping experiences.  Consumers want their online experience to be easy, convenient and equal among the other channels that advertise the same brands.

Here at Brangea, we feel that brands must have a strong web presence and a digital merchandising marketing strategy in order to take care of consumers on their terms.  Brangea helps brands stay ahead of the curve, when it comes to e-Commerce strategies, in order to deliver value to their consumers and build brand loyalty.  Brangea’s team can help your brand develop an online integrated promotions strategy, convenient shopping experiences and easy order fulfillment for your consumers.